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February 9, 2008

A black day for ‘Raasay primary school’

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It’s been a busy old day here with a good blow through the night and still quite fresh but dry this morning. After doing the usual feeding of pigs, cats, chooks,wild birds and ringo the solitary duck I entered into negotiations with mrs C as to the plan for the day. We had two important things to do and both of them meant a trip to Skye. It was either take three children swimming to Kyle or assist with moving friends to Uig.

A recent casualty of the severe weather was a Raasay family of 9 who had been living in 2 caravans whilst awaiting planning permission to build a house on their croft. The caravans were well anchored to Scotland but despite this the wind peeled the roof off one of them like a sardine tin lid.


Luckily they had abandoned the caravan before the storm was at it’s worst and gone to stay with a relative in the middle of the night. The first they knew of it was the morning after when they went up to the croft and found the rockwool insulation everywhere. The damage was not apparant from ground level and I don’t even think the roof was visible immediately as it was over a wall in a neighbours field. Although the roof was off the ceiling was still intact so I don’t think it was until they went into the caravan and saw the water everywhere that the full horror of the situation sunk in.

As there are 7 children the only emergency house that the council could find them was in Uig on Skye, given a bit more time they may have been able to sort something out for themselves on Raasay or even repaired the caravan but with 7 children in the middle of winter they took the safest option so they reluctantly left today. Taking almost a third of the primary school and allot of the dudes friends to fresh but hopefully temporary life on Skye.

So with me being bigger in the muscle dept and having the ‘old girl’, my 21 year old 110 landrover ( I refuse to call it a ‘defender’ it’s a FRIGGIN LANDROVER ) It was decided that I’d go to Uig and mrs C to Kyle. Once I’d loaded the back up and the children had fought amongst themselves for a seat in the ‘old girl’ we all headed for the 10:00 ferry 3 vans, 1 car and the ‘old girl’ arriving there just in time. It was at this point that mum noticed one of her brood was missing!!! an easy oversight with 7. Frantic phone calls found AWOL child hiding, but too late to catch the ferry, she was with her gran and all was well but I just don’t think the poor wee thing wanted to leave. Apart from that slight hiccup all went well and hopefully they’ve settled in, can’t phone as there’s no signal there.


Here’s the 6 that made it and I hope they’re back soon.

Back to Raasay

I managed to make the 13:15 back and as it was turning into a nice day was hoping to get a few jobs done. I’d taken the opportunity of the drive down to the south end to fill my trailer up with rock for my road.


I also had some willing helpers (child labour) to assist with unloading, Though by this time the day was turning a bit damp to say the least.


Two years ago this was a peat bog! once my slaves had unloaded the trailer we all went and cut some wood for the fire and by now it was well and truly miserable so after feeding the animals I called it a day.

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