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February 2, 2008

White road, white hare and the black polytunnel

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I thought it was going to be a challenge getting into work when I went to bed last night and all the velux windows were covered in snow. So I set off a little earlier than usual down ‘Calum’s’ very white road that had couple of inches of virgin snow covering it. I hate snow after i’ve taken the first few photos of it but there is something quite satisfying about driving through 10miles of virgin snow in a landrover. A couple of years ago mrs C and the dude were stuck in the house for 6 days with the snow as that’s how long it took to get the snowplough up to Arnish and even then it was assisted by a JCB clearing the heavy stuff!! It was my week on the ferry so I HAD to get in and I did,every day, it took me over an hour and every night there was fresh snow to contend with but by dropping my tyre pressures, locking my diff and keeping my foot to the floor I did it. By the end of the week, wife and child had cabin fever and were ready for doing each other in but I managed to get home every night and separate them!!

Anyway the road wasn’t too bad and it was quite pleasent, the snow seems to make everything quieter and I saw the hare in his winter coat again only this time he was he was blending into the white road and not standing out against a black one like he was last night.


By the time I got down to the village I really did feel like I’d driven down from the north pole. Once on the ferry all the snow had to be cleared from the decks with the fire hose and when we did arrive at Sconser the few cars that had decided to brave the snow struggled trying to get up the slipway. Fortunately a gritter turned up,the cars reversed back on the ferry, the gritter did his stuff and off they went.

Me I spent most of the day back in my warm engine room, though I did go and check on the polytunnel at my mate willy’s and I was most impressed. The roof frame was fully assembled on it’s jig next to the prepared site. It looked very strong and stable despite not having any screws in yet.


Mrs C had canceled her proposed trip to Kyle to take the dude swimming due to the weather so had spent a good deal of time with the piggies. Now we already have 4, 5 month old  ‘old spots’ out on the hill and mrs C thought she’d take the wains for a walk, that’s the 7, 10 week old ‘tamworths’ This must have been a hilarious sight, especially when the ‘old spots’ came across the ‘tamworths’ can you imagine it 11 piglets in the snow all wanting to get to know each other! wish I’d been there with the camera. Of course now they are all mixed up feeding them tomorrow is going to be interesting to say the least. As tomorrow is sunday and I don’t set off for work until 8:45 guess who’s job it is!!!

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