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February 1, 2008

What no papers!

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Well I got to work OK and didn’t need the chainsaw or the shovel, the snow was not as bad as forecast here and the gritter had been out anyway. Although there was allot of debris on the roads there was nothing I couldn’t drive over with the landrover. It looked like the power was off on Skye for a while at least as when I was driving down the road it was in  total darkness for a while. We were expecting a quiet day as the bad forecast would have put allot of travelers off, what we were not expecting was a lack of newspapers!

Now me being part hermit and part osterich have never understood the attraction of newspapers, If i feel the sudden urge to find out if the country’s at war or need to know the price of a barrel of oil then I listen to John Humphries in the morning and see no attraction whatsoever in being lied to more than necessary. However my father is perfectly normal yet has bought a paper every day of his adult life so it’s probably me thats eccentric. Anyway I digress, the papers usually come in on the 9:30 ferry and are in the shop for 10:00, however today they did not make it due to snow on the mainland and the Island was in shock with frantic phone calls to the ferry every hour “are the papers here yet”, by lunchtime it was clear they were not going to arrive so I dunno what everybody did instead of reading the paper.

I spent most of the day in a nice warm engine room painting which is far more enjoyable than being on deck in a snow storm.


And apart from seeing a hare in it’s winter coat on the way home that’s about it.

Sleepless night!

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Having just said in yesterdays post how well I sleep during storms, I take it all back, barley slept a wink last night and I’m sure the wild weather had allot to do with it. Today is a chainsaw day!, that means I set off for work early, take the less direct route to the ferry by avoiding the forest and pack my chainsaw! I have on several occasions had to remove large trees from the road. 6 trees and 2 hours being the worst day on the 14th jan 2 years ago. It allways puzzles me why they plant them so close to the road anyway. I mean it It cuts down the light, covers the road in pine needles and then when a tree does come down it’s down right dangerous to say the least. Despite the stormy night I think the ferry should be running as it’s from the north west and moderating, though it certainly does not sound like it.

15 years ago 

Just been looking through my diary  for 1992 and realized it’s actually 16 years ago (maths was never my strong point) anyway it never ceases to amaze me as to how much i used to do in a day. This time of year in 92 I was working at the fish farm in the mornings, fitting out a 23′ ‘Wilson Flyer’ as a fishing boat until it went dark then spending the rest of the evening working on the bedrooms upstairs. Today the 1st was a saturday and it had not rained since the 19th of january!!!! I’d been working with Willy on the fish farm we’d moved 2 tons of feed in a 13′ fibreglass dinghy, fed the fish then painted our shed on the shore, after work I’d cut a huge panel out of the deck of ‘Sylvia Jean’ to make a 75 gallon fuel tank and in the evening I treated the timbers upstairs with something nasty so spent a couple of days sleeping in a caravan.

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