Life at the end of the road

January 31, 2008

Wild weather

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Now I don’t have to go to sea every day clam diving (and have a wind turbine) I quite like the regular gales we get in the winter. The wind turbine has been working overtime of late and because the excess is tuned into heating for the porch the house has been toasty of late and mrs C has been going bonkers with the washing machine and tumble drier. I also sleep right through the night now I don’t have a fishing boat to worry about. Although it had been pretty wild all night and the forecast was horrendous the most accurate weather site I know had shown a little hole in the wild weather just round Raasay , so whilst it was very windy and the schoolchildren stayed away from school the ferry ran all day. It was only later in the morning that I heard of the damage that the nights storm had done. A good friend had lost the roof from his caravan ( luckily he’d abandoned it in time) . The caravan was well fastened to the ground with wire and ropes to the chassis but the roof had peeled off like the lid on a tin of sardines. Another friend had lost his garage doors and were not talking mickey mouse tin ones, they were big heavy wooden double ones. So whilst it was great for us some where less fortunate.

Startomatic wiring diagram

Now I know this won’t make much sense to most people (or even me) but I’ve been seeing allot of referals from google by people looking for ‘startomatic’ wiring diagram. So whilst I was helping with the clean up I took a piccy of this.


Which I’m sure will make sense to someone. Its the control box from my mates SR2 Lister ‘Startomatic’ 6kw genny. The startomatic has been around for donkeys years and was designed so that when you switch on something (more than 60w) it starts up the generator and once you switch everything off the generator stops. Nowadays it’s all done with electronics but these old ones use relays and lots of old fashioned stuff. My 3kw used to be a ‘Startomatic’ but I could only ever get it to ‘stopomatic’ (I’m no electrician)

‘Harris hydro’ turbine

The only other exciting thing that happened today was the arrival of the ‘Harris hydro’ turbine. This is the business end of the hydro scheme I’m doing at ‘The old Schoolhouse’ at Torran1-026-small.jpg.



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