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January 21, 2008

The plastic polytunnel

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It’s been a bonny busy day here on Raasay though looking at UK Wind Map this morning it seems like we got the best of it. Had a minor disaster at work involving toilets (the less said about it that the better) So I was glad to get off the boat for half an hour to go and see my mate Willy. I’d dropped off some old fish cage pipes for him yesterday as he is building a polytunnel with them. These black pipes are about 100mm in dia and are quite often found on the shore here. Water companies also use similar blue pipes and I was wanting to see how he was getting on,

He’d marked and levelled an area 2.5m x 4.0m and driven round fence posts in the ground to slip the hoops over.


The once straight pipe he formed by sticking a heat gun down and bending them round some pegs in the ground (I think) keeping them at the same radius with a piece of wire stretched between the ends.


Willy has made up a sample joint to see how it will work.



and stretched some polythene over it to see how it will look. Well that’s as far as he’s got so far but I’ll be watching closely as I have several hundred meters of this pipe. Though 200m is earmarked for my own small hydro scheme, if you’ve been reading my ramblings you’ll know I’m helping with a small hydro scheme for a friend. Basically I’m just doing the donkey work for an expert on small scale renewable energy projects. Once I’ve finished doing that I hope to do my own to complement my wind turbine.

Apart from the the usual trailer load of rock for my road the other highlights of the day included an otter running across the slipway at Sconser, and a dawn chorus at the end of Raasay pier when I arrived for work. I have no idea what kind of birds they were but we do have these rock pippets that come and visit the ferry as we tie up in the evenings so I was wondering if that’s what they were. Also saw a grouse and a kestral on the way down ‘Calum’s road’

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