Life at the end of the road

January 1, 2008

a very quiet day

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Very little achieved today due to last nights partying, but it was well worth it. I’ve had good ones, bad ones amazing ones and truly awful ones but last nights was very special. We, that is the dude, mrs c, nephew and sis in law and I walked the mile or so to Torran to spend new year with a family that had not celebrated new year in the family home for 40 years! they were the last people to leave the small township of Torran just beyond Arnish in 1969 and had not seen the bells there since. We set off on a crystal clear breathless night at just after 11:30 and got there just in time for the bells. After toasts and fireworks we got down to some serious highland partying.


then there was the sword (mop and brush) dancing


though some peoples footwear left allot to be desired


mrs C got some dancing lessons off ‘big willy’


A good time was had by all and i wobbled back home around 3:am though the rest of the team carried on till dawn.

I woke up hungover with the headache from hell, went to the medicine cabinet for paracetomel and took an anti hystamine by mistake! fed the anamals then drove to Torran on the Quad (as my legs didn’t work) for the dude. The dude was quite happy so after a few coffees (full of whisky) i returned home to veg infront of the laptop.

The party resumes!!!

Well our household is pretty well worn out but i’ve just had a call to say buffet at 6:00pm over at Torran!!! we’ve got a huge piece of venison pot roasting so the buffets out of the question but at some point i’m gonna have to go over and get the dude so anything could happen. I think the Torran crowd have found some new recruits from the ‘old schoolhouse’ so it could turn into a bit of an epic session. Me i’m just getting toooooooo old for this carry on.

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