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December 31, 2007


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Mud glorious mud! must have been a good blast of wind and rain during the night and i was very reluctant to get out of bed with the rain still lashing down but the animals must be fed.


The ‘old spots’ field had turned to a swamp but they’re out grubbing in the woods most of the day anyway. After getting soaked and covered in mud it stopped raining and turned into a bonny day spent the morning clearing up the garden shed and repairing the oil tank which emptied it’s contents into our garden last sunday night (see disasters section) Having sorted that then had a spot of lunch before going over to Torran to lay some pipe for a small hydro turbine there. This requires 4 x 50m lengths of 63mm pipe laying down a steep hill next to a burn through some very thick undergrowth. After a couple of hours heaving, i got the most difficult one in position (i’d already done the 2 easy ones a few weeks ago) that just leaves one for another day and I’d had enough. It was getting dark and i thought I’d go and check what the dude was up to, he was playing with friends who had come up for new year to a cottage nearby. The dude was quite happy to be left and walk the mile or so home in the dark rather than get a lift with me on the quad! so i just had a wee beer and headed home. Mrs C had done all the feeding and the house is now very quiet.

December 30, 2007

bedding and ditches

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It’s been another peachy day here at the north end so me and the dude went to cut rushes for bedding. It’s impossible to get straw here so we cut rushes and dead dry braken, seems to do the trick and they usually end up eating it if the weather’s cr4p.


As you can see if you look carefully behind the dude we had a little helper. Mrs c on the other hand was busy clearing a drain in the field with Brambles 8 wains.


Mrs c does not like having her photo took. The pigs were well pleased with their new bedding and promptly started rearranging and eating it. Spent the rest of the afternoon under a rover metro! it started off a few weeks ago as “can you just charge my battery” and turned into seized altenator,snapped drive belt, melted wire inside starter and many skinned knuckles. The less said about this the better. Anyway it’s 18:30 and we’ve all been invited to dinner at the schoolhouse, being 3/4 of a mile down a pitch black track always makes for an interesting return journey! so I’d better get my petzel on and go.

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