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December 29, 2007

weaning brambles wains

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Its been a bony day today, well it’s not been blowing a gale or raining so in my book that’s a bonny day for december. After the usual round of feeding, the dude, his pal and I delivered heating oil and diesel to our neighbors at the ‘old schoolhouse’ at Torran, this beautifully old renovated building is for let from easter until october.

The track to this beautiful place is a bit dodgy to say the least so a quad is the order of the day for moving stores etc.


That’s my boy (the one without the helmet) i Know i’m irresponsible and i won’t let it happen again. Once the heating oil was in the tank and the diesel in the genny we returned for a hearty fry up, whereupon mrs c informed me that it was time to separate Bramble from her 8 piglets. They are only 7 weeks old but she’d had enough of them (being a mother herself i figured she was right) so after our snack we went and did it. She couldn’t get out of the field fast enough and showed no inclination to get back in with them, the piglets to seemed quite happy and spent the next couple of hours sleeping.

Feeling quite pleased with ourselves we then went and cut some firewood


As you can see we have a big pile of wood!!! On the way home we came across our wee old spots who’d been out amusing the tourists.


Got the wood unloaded and split just as it went dark, so all in all a very good day.

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