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December 27, 2007

fresh start

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1-005-small.jpgfirst-litter-116-small.jpgWell the year is drawing to a close and i’ve not bought a new diary yet, so thought i’d give this a go. The life is ours a family of 3 living at the end of ‘calums road’ on the beautiful island of Raasay. I’ve lived here for 18 years and the OH and boy (the dude) for 7, for most of that 18 years our nearest neighbour has been around 8 miles away down a long and winding single track road.

Over the years I’ve done many things to keep the wolf from the door on our 7.5 croft. When i first arrived in 1989 i kept a couple of dozen sheep and fished for crab and lobster 9 months of the year. However i quickly discovered there was far more money and enjoyment in fishing than in farming so until 5 years ago i was a full time diver and fisherman. Old age and common sense have now prevailed and i now work on the ferry and with allot of help from the OH and the dude we keep free range pigs.

Today has been fairly typical of a day on the croft ( i work week on week off on the ferry )

Got up at 8:00am (not typical as we have had both families here for chrissy )I went to feed the pigs, currently in order of size, Ginger ( 3 year old tamworth boar ), Braken (tamworth sow with 5 piglets), Bramble ( tamworth sow with 8 piglets), Jamie Lee and Shona (2 Gloucester Old Spot gilts), Isla, Iona, Dean and Jack ( GOS weaners ) and OH went to feed the chooks, dooks n cats. After a hearty breakfast and seeing the in laws off got on with cleaning the arks and changing the bedding also put the weaners out on the hill so they could do some proper free ranging, they were most impressed. After that got on with repairing a coolant leak on OHs car (i used to be a mechanic in a previous life) by the time i’d sorted that it was lunchtime. Mrs C had made a most excellent turkey broth which went down a treat. Did a spot of work on the road until feeding time (around 15:30 ) Braken was off her food so i hope she’s ok, I’m not worried yet cos pigs have off days just like us. Anyway it’s 19:45 and ive got to drive 3/4 of a mile down a dirt track on our quad to pick up the dude from some friends who’ve just arrived for hogmanay. It is of course pitch black, pouring rain and blowing a gale!!!!

the bumpy road to arnish

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calums road pigs

Set off to get the dude and it was actually a bonny night. The wind had died the rain stopped and Braken was waiting to be fed, so whatever it was that was wrong had passed. Gave her a good feed then set off to get the dude. The plan was to go straight there and pick him up but i got distracted by several cans of stella and some red wine ( luckily the dude can drive the Quad so he got me home safely!!!

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